Sustainable Development Policy

Environmental – Social – Governance criteria

Balzac REIM’s sustainable development policy is based on our commitment to mitigate the
impact of our actions on the environment.

Since its creation in 2007, Balzac REIM has adhered to Environmental – Social – Governance principles and adapts its behaviour on a daily basis through concrete actions.

ln its investments, Balzac REIM systematically seeks a concrete approach that respects these criteria, and thus achieves sustainable results over the long term, in order to contribute to a better world.

From the outset, all of Balzac REIM’s real estate transactions on behalf of its clients have been subject to a very strict analysis of environmental aspects.

To date, all the properties under management have been awarded environmental certifications,or are in the process of obtaining such certifications. These certifications – renewed by third­ party organizations – enable us to regularly measure the sustainable performance of each building.

ln this way, our tenants are assured of health and safety in the workplace, ensuring their peace of mind and well-being over the long term.

We are fully aware that we can always do better, but we believe that constraints must be overcome as much as possible, there are still sensitive areas that must be reconciled with everyone’s imperatives, but which must continually be improved.

However, education, understanding and finally conviction must help to mitigate human behaviour on the planet.