Investment Management

Working closely with its clients, Balzac REIM assists in determining and implementing a personalised, risk-adjusted investment strategy. Over the last three decades, our management has originated, structured and transacted significant property investment acquisitions in Paris and the major regional cities in France.

Balzac REIM is viewed as a reliable and highly-principled adviser by the key real estate owners and investment agents in France. Accordingly, our reputation in the market is hugely valuable in securing exclusivity for our clients on real estate deals.

We provide clients with comprehensive and qualitative analysis of target investments and coordinate due diligence processes on their behalf.

Since 2014, the Balzac REIM team has included a highly experienced project management consultant. Assets targeted for acquisition are systematically and forensically analysed in order to establish the extent of works required and the associated cost of renovation.

Asset Management

Core to Balzac REIM’s philosophy is the creation of value based on our vision and experience in proactive asset management. In order to enhance asset performance and value, we continuously look for ways to apply our operating skills through leasing, tenant management, supervision of property managers, efficient and timely collection of rent and service charges, repositioning and upgrading of assets, redevelopment and, when the market allows, new development.

Balzac REIM’s highly experienced project management consultant is specifically responsible for overseeing all aspects concerning the renovation and refurbishment of our buildings.

Our investor clients are provided with concise quarterly reports to include up to date tenancy schedules, rent and service charge collection reports, details of asset performance and opportunities to increase value, rolling expenditure forecasts and itemised budgets.

Our Case Studies provide a summary of select transactions initiated and executed by Balzac REIM, illustrating the experience and know-how available within our organisation concerning the implementation of investment and asset management strategies.

Asset Disposals

Balzac REIM is mindful of the importance of exit strategies in achieving the overall investment objectives of its clients. In addition to the property-specific issues, we assess the dynamics of the capital markets and the real estate markets relative to the positioning of each property before advising our clients on individual asset disposals.

Corporate Asset Management

In conjunction with its network of professional advisers, Balzac REIM provides its clients with advice with regard to corporate, financial and tax structuring.

The ongoing management accounting, auditing and company secretarial services associated with the ownership of single or multiple-asset Special Purpose Vehicles is undertaken by our clients’ professional advisers under our supervision.

We assist our clients in the negotiation of senior and mezzanine debt financing through the strong relationships we enjoy with the major providers of real estate debt finance. Thereafter, we provide active debt management during the life of the investment until maturity or disposal.

Occupier Services

Balzac REIM offers corporate end-users strategic advice on their occupational demands. Following an audit of our clients’ space requirements and the legal framework within which their offices are leased, we are retained to either renegotiate their lease(s) or alternatively to advise on an orderly termination of lease agreement(s) and the identification of new premises.

Both scenarios require an in-depth analysis of the occupational market with regard to identification, supply and cost of our clients’ actual premises or alternative business premises.

If the identification of new premises is the preferred option, Balzac REIM sources and inspects all possible options available. A shortlist of suitable premises is established, after which we handle the financial negotiations and lease agreements with the selected landlords. Achieving cost efficiency is one of our key objectives in these negotiations.

Importantly, Balzac REIM’s occupier services are fully independent of links with real estate agencies with inherent conflicts of interest.

The Celgene Case Study provides an example of Occupier Services provided by Balzac REIM illustrating the experience and know-how available within our organisation with regard to the provision of strategic Occupier Services.